Montag, 3. September 2007

Building Tama Moana "Ottilia"

The new ethnic Polynesian double canoe boat from James Wharram Designs is built with strip-planking. The wood used for the hulls is kiln-dried White Lauan (Also see Shorea spp. Family: Dipterocarpaceae). The wood is abundant in primary forests of the Philippines. Red Lauan is also available being slightly heavier.

The strip-planking is moulded male/female half-round, which easily follows curves and cambers of the hulls as seen on the photographs.
The hulls are glassed both inside and outside as specified by the plans.
Finally a coat of epoxy filler is applied for fairing and to provide a hard surface and seal the hulls. Last, but not least, the final paint job is applied!

The "Gentlemen Agreement" was exchanged on October 2003 and "Ottilia" was launched one year later, October 2004.